Please complete this survey to help us as we develop and plan the Rewired Men’s Conference.

  • If you had a choice, which would work the best for you or which would you prefer?
  • FebruaryApril
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  • Friday at 10:00amFriday at 3:00pm
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  • Friday at 2:30pmFriday at 6:30pm
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  • Saturday at 12:30pmSaturday at 3:00pm
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  • If you could pick how many breakout times were offered, how many would you choose?
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  • Would you like more group time with just the men from your church during the conference?
    Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
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  • What type of personalities would you like to see as speakers at the conference?
    Preachers/TheologiansBusinessmenSports FiguresOutdoorsmenArts/EntertainersOther
  • List breakout topics you would like to see offered at Rewired.
  • In what ways can we help to promote Rewired at your church?
  • What resources would you like made available to you/your church?
  • Let us know a little about you. Select the profession that best describes you.
  • Thank you for completing this quick survey. We will use the data collected to help make Rewired even better.