Who Is God? Day Two | Men Rewired
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Read Genesis 1:26-31 again. This is the story of your beginning. Make no mistake.
You are no cosmic accident or walking fish; you are the direct result of the
inclination, desire, and Word of Almighty God. He crafted you. He formed you.  He put the breath of life into your lungs. You are the pinnacle of His creation. In
fact, God stopped creating after He made man.
Look at verse 27. You were created in God’s image. You are His image bearer,
which means that you were made to look like God. Your ultimate identity is
found in Him and no one else.
Now the world will tell you to find your identity in a whole bunch of other
things, your strength, the authority you have over others, your intelligence, your
wit, your looks, your possessions, the title you hold, your spouse, your experiences,
even your name. The problem is, all of these things can go away. Bodies
and minds can betray us. Companies can go under. Spouses can leave. Names
can be tarnished, and wealth can disappear with a simple pen-stroke. To define
yourself by these things is to live in constant fear.
That’s why the truth in verse 27 is so important. Your role as God’s image bearer
is permanent. It cannot be taken away. We men do not trust easily, but you can
trust this truth: Your identity as God’s image bearer is secure.
Consider these questions until tomorrow: Where do you find your identity as a
man? How hard do you work to preserve your self-image? How do your efforts
to preserve it affect the way that you live your life?