Read Isaiah 6:1-7. God showed Himself to Isaiah, and Isaiah couldn’t handle it.
He saw God for who He really was, and it was too much. Isaiah called God holy.
Now, the connotation, or implied meaning, of that word isn’t always positive, as
we sometimes use it to describe people who act like they think they’re better than
we are, but the denotation, or actual meaning, describes God really well. Holy
means “set apart, innocent, free from iniquity.”
Iniquity is sin, or doing something wrong, something that goes against God’s nature.
When the angels in Isaiah 6:3 call God “holy,” they are saying He is perfect,
that He doesn’t do anything wrong, and that He always makes the right call and
does the right thing. This is true. God is always in the right because He alone
knows the way things should be and how they should work out. He alone gets to
decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

On Monday, you were asked to think about what the perfect boss for you would
be like. Wouldn’t it be great to have a boss who always knew what to do, what to
say, and how to help and was always on your side, protecting your best interests
even when you didn’t know yourself what those interests were?
That’s God! He is like no human boss you’ll ever know. Because He created us
and knows us, He knows how best to help us, and even when we fail, He is there
to pick us up, dust us off, and help us succeed the next time. God does this because
He is holy; we can’t because we are not.
Consider this question until tomorrow: If you are not holy like God, why does
He want anything to do with you?