Boss. Yet, for some reason, He wants a relationship with us. “For God so loved the world…” God reached out to rescue you even though you weren’t holy. Why? Because He is love.
Now, love is a grossly overused word in our society. We’ve distorted it. We’ve cheapened it. We talk about loving people, cars, homes, jobs, golf clubs, guns, phones, etc. with equal enthusiasm, and some even substitute the word love for sex when the physical encounter being discussed has nothing to do with love.
That’s not the kind of love this verse is talking about. God’s love for you is agape love, love that has nothing to do with whether you deserve it or not and everything to do with His intentions. You are the crown of His creation. You are His image bearer. You live because He wills it, and He loves you.
Consider this question until tomorrow: How will you respond to this God who loves you so completely?