Who Am I? Day Two | Men Rewired
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Read Luke 5:1-11. First, notice the kind of men Jesus called. They were not perfect men. Peter made that very clear in verse 8 when he admitted to Jesus that he was a sinful man. These men were just fishermen, uneducated working guys making their way in a trade that was pretty rough in the first century. If Jesus used them, He can use you.
Second, notice their response to Jesus. They obeyed. Jesus told them to cast their nets again so they did. It set them apart from everyone else and enabled them to do what no one else was doing. God has given you a specific job to do, too. He wants you to work and to keep that which He has entrusted to your care. You can either find your identity in obedience to God as His faithful image bearer, or you can listen to the world and become the kind of man it tells you to be.
Think for just a moment about the people, images, and personalities that make up the world’s standard of manhood. Are they good examples of working and keeping? If so, how? If not, what is lacking?
It’s not easy to be the husbands and fathers we are called to be, especially in this day and age. Every day, we are pulled in many directions as voices compete for our attention. The lake where Peter and his friends were fishing must have been just like that, chaotic and loud, yet Peter listened for and heard the voice of Jesus through all of it and chose to obey. His obedience was rewarded, and they all got promoted to a new occupation, fishers of men.
Consider these questions until tomorrow: What voices are in your ear on a daily basis telling you what to do and whom to become? Which one(s) are you listening to? Are the results pleasing to God?