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Read Genesis 2:15-25. God made man in His image and put Him in the Garden of Eden. Why? Not to prune roses and sniff daffodils, but to work and to keep what He created. To work is to subdue and cause to thrive through faithful tending. To keep is to guard, protect, or defend. You see, God knew that an assault was coming against His creation, and He made man to be the first line of defense against that assault.
We no longer live in the Garden, and the world is no longer “good,” but it is still your job to work and to keep that which is under your care. Take a moment to list the things, people, places, responsibilities, and positions in your life that fall into this category.
Consider these questions until tomorrow: Are you causing what and whom God has entrusted to your care to thrive? Are you guarding, protecting, and defending what and whom God has given you? All things considered, are you working and keeping the way God expects you to?