Who Am I? Day Five | Men Rewired
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Read Galatians 4:1-7 again. We’ve all been there. We’ve gotten the bad grade, missed the game-winning catch, wrecked the car, broken the window, gotten into a fight, etc. We’ve failed our dads and experienced the agony of waiting for our sentence to be handed down.
Maybe that’s how you feel this week after learning so much about God and then taking a good look at yourself. Maybe you realize that you don’t measure up, that you have fallen short, that you have failed. If so, be encouraged! This is no surprise to God.
Look at today’s passage. The word heir appears twice, a word with major implications in the first century. In those days, birth order determined who would become heir to a family’s fortune, and the only way that an heir could lose his inheritance would be for his father to renounce him.
God the Father does not do that. Those whom He calls sons are heirs forever with an inheritance that cannot be taken away. In fact, our Father recognized our impoverished state, compensated for our weaknesses, and took steps to adopt us into His family and make us heirs to His Kingdom with an inheritance that surpasses all others, eternal life through Jesus Christ, all while we were busy falling short.
To those who surrender their very lives to Him, God is so much more than Boss; He is Father.
Consider these questions until tomorrow: Whose son are you? Is God your Father? In what ways do you look like Him? In what ways do you not look like Him? Where do you need His help to improve and change? Are you willing to cry out to Him?