Read Genesis 3:14-24. There are consequences for sin, serious consequences, and that’s a reality we must face. Sin has and continues to cost us as human beings. Marriages fail. Addictions form. Relationships with children crumble. Loneliness and abandonment occur, all as a result of the sinful choices that we make, and the list of possible consequences goes on and on.
Sin cost Adam and Eve a great deal. It had physical consequences, relational consequences,
vocational consequences, and eternal consequences. It also cost them their home and peace of mind. Seems like a huge price to pay for a bite of fruit, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s how it works.
Sin not only affects you, but those around you. Satan, the Enemy, whispers, “It’s just a momentary pleasure. No one has to know. They wouldn’t understand anyway, and you deserve this.” He will try to convince you that sin is for your good, but it’s not. Sin destroys, and a little goes a long way.
The Enemy uses sin to label and control you. He wants you to see yourself as the angry man, the addict, the cheater, the liar, the perverse one, the thief, the disappointment, the drunk, the failure, etc. so that he can sink his claws into you and keep you from becoming what God intends for you to become as His image bearer and son.
You see, sin clouds our identity and stunts our spiritual growth. That’s why we have to fight so hard to stay away from it.
Consider these questions until tomorrow: How has the sin in your life affected you? How has it affected those around you? Has Satan tried to label you? Do you believe what he says? If so, how has that kept you from becoming what God wants you to become?