What Is Sin? Day Five | Men Rewired
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Read Genesis 3:15. Are you feeling a little defeated this week? Well, don’t. While you are indeed helpless against sin on your own, as you can’t muscle, will, or positive think it out of your life no matter how hard you try, you don’t have to stand against it on your own. There’s a cure for your condition.
Today’s verse is the first one in the Bible that talks about salvation. It’s called the proto-gospel, or first gospel. Here, God makes a promise to Satan about his future and ours.
The “offspring” of the serpent here refers to the sin that was conceived in the Garden. The “offspring” of the woman refers to Jesus. You see, God promised to use a woman to introduce victory into the world just as Satan had used a woman to introduce sin into the world.
Jesus’ heel being struck refers to the injury he would sustain and the death He would suffer on the cross for our sin. Satan’s head being crushed refers to the defeat that Satan would suffer as a direct result of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after His crucifixion. God promised that, through Christ, Satan would be defeated and sin would no longer hold any power over those who belong to Jesus.
Bottom line? You can’t defeat sin on your own, but that’s okay because Jesus has already done it for you. You claim the victory that has already been made possible through Jesus’ death and resurrection for yourself when you quit trying to fix yourself and trust Jesus to conquer what you alone cannot, first by trusting Him for your eternal salvation and then by obeying Him in the details of your day to day life, letting Him replace the darkness in your heart with His light.
Consider this question until tomorrow: Are you trying to defeat the sin in your life on your own, or are you letting Jesus take care of it for you?