Going the Distance | Men Rewired
Due to the recent and ever-changing challenges of COVID-19 or coronavirus, Oklahoma Baptists have decided it is in the best interest of everyone involved to cancel the upcoming retreats scheduled for April 17-18 (Women’s Retreat) and April 24-25 (Men’s Rewired). Registration fees will be refunded. Our team is actively working to issue each registrant a refund in a timely manner. This may take some time due to the volume of registrants. Unfortunately, we will not be able to host a live feed for these events. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but would like to prioritize the health of all Oklahoma Baptists. More Information >

Men were made by God.  From the very beginning and up until this present era, men have been designed by God to be initiators, leaders, warriors, defenders, and providers. Too many times, that quality given by God for good is left undisciplined in a man’s life.  The result is a tyrannical man that wounds, harms, and even destroys those around him. But, when a man submits his heart and life to the “training and discipline” of God through a daily walk with Jesus Christ as Lord, the result will be a champion that leads his family, church, and community with power from on high.

Life is a struggle.  No man ever makes it through the journey without cuts, bruises, and times of being knocked down. Like any athlete who trains to win, men have to learn from others as “mentors” how to be overcomers and to learn from the “hurts of life” the lesson of what to do differently in the future.  A boxer trains to have the physical stamina to go 12 rounds so that even with the body blows, cuts, sucker punches, and intense pain, he will be able to “go the distance” to win.

You know what it is to have to fight for your job, for your finances, for your spouse, for your children and grandchildren.  We are not the “first ones” to ever have that responsibility so we must not live in isolation as if no one ever faced what we are facing.

Have you ever…

…..been betrayed by close family and friends?
…..had things said about you that were totally false and greatly damaged your reputation?
…..had a sudden setback that cost you years of your life to recover?
…..ever wondered “why” bad things were happening to you when you loved the LORD?
…..ever thought that God had forgotten or forsaken you?
…..ever considered that you might never ever have any of your dreams fulfilled?
…..ever been through many years of trials only to see God truly cause all things to work?

The Biblical character, Joseph, overcame the hatred of siblings, slavery, false accusation of a crime, imprisonment, and living forgotten and out of sight for 13 years.  Through the power of God and the faithfulness of Joseph, every “set back” became a platform for his faith to grow.  He is remembered as “going the distance” to be a victorious provider for his family and for nations he influenced.  He knew what it was to “go the distance”.

At Rewired 2016, my Truth Track will inform and inspire every man that attends.  The principles that we uncover in the life of Joseph will be readily applicable to the daily challenges of life in the 21st century.  Men need to know the difference between a “knock down” and a “knock out”.  All of us have sustained times that we lost our footing, but it is the man that gets back up and keeps fighting that has the honor of standing at the end of the bout in victory.  You can be that man!  You, too, can “go the distance” by “standing” in this evil day.