6 Tips for Promoting Rewired | Men Rewired
Due to the recent and ever-changing challenges of COVID-19 or coronavirus, Oklahoma Baptists have decided it is in the best interest of everyone involved to cancel the upcoming retreats scheduled for April 17-18 (Women’s Retreat) and April 24-25 (Men’s Rewired). Registration fees will be refunded. Our team is actively working to issue each registrant a refund in a timely manner. This may take some time due to the volume of registrants. Unfortunately, we will not be able to host a live feed for these events. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but would like to prioritize the health of all Oklahoma Baptists. More Information >

So you want to bring a group of guys to Rewired??
We’ve compiled 6 Promotional Tips to help you create a promotional strategy to make that happen.

Everything you need for promotion, no matter the size of your church or technical abilities, is available on our Promotional Downloads Page. CLICK HERE.

Set A Target

Some of the greatest success stories of groups at Rewired have come when churches and groups set a target of how many they will bring.  Your men’s leadership team should work together to set a manageable target.  Be ambitious.  Always shoot for a target that is slightly beyond what you think you can have without God’s help.  Share this target with your men and get started!

Give a Personal Invitation

A personal invitation reaches more people than a group invitation.  Men can invite co-workers, family members, neighbors, friends.. really, anyone.  Help them set personal goals for inviting.   A group invitation works for general awareness, but a personal invitation is the be st way to engage men to action.

Have Flyers & Posters

Having something in-hand is great when inviting others as well as general church promotion.  Flyers can be placed in bulletins, classrooms, and at a Rewired table before and after your worship service or events.  Men can take flyers to hand out at work and around their area of influence.

Posters are great for putting in classrooms, hallways and even in the men’s restroom.  Put them up on the inside of restroom stalls for interesting impact. (Just be sure to take them down after Rewired is over).

Use Your Church Bulletin, E-mail, and Powerpoint

Take advantage of every type of promotion offered by your church.

BULLETIN: Most churches still print a bulletin. Be sure the person who handles your bulletin has all of the information.  We have standard bulletin ads available for you to download.  Even if you do not use our promotional bulletin ad, be sure you provide all of the necessary information:

  • Rewired 2018: Live Truth
  • Men’s Conference at Falls Creek
  • April 27-28
  • Sign up information. Include the Rewired website or your church’s information if you are signing up as a group.
  • List the keynotes.

EMAIL NEWSLETTER: If your church sends out periodic newsletters, be sure you provide all of the information.

POWERPOINT SLIDES: Many churches have slides that run before and after services.  This is a great place to put advertisements about Rewired and your men’s target attendance.

Connect In Your Small Groups or Men’s Events

Another great way to get the word out about Rewired is to involve your Sunday School and other small groups.  Have members of your men’s ministry team go around to each group and give a personal invitation. Leave the group with a stack of flyers.

After a men’s event, have a table set up where men can sign-up on the spot. Create a sign-up sheet with the information you need to register them on our website.  Collect their payment there, and, using our group registration, pay for everyone at once. (See GROUP REGISTRATION on our website.)

Use Social Media

This area is sometimes the most challenging.  Most everyone in today’s world is on one of the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat..).  Take advantage of this to spread the word! How do you do this?

  • Share Rewired posts and events on your social media platforms. Be sure to tag as many of the guys in your group as possible.
  • Add Rewired as an event to your church’s and/or men’s group Facebook page.

Everything you need for promotion, no matter the size of your church or technical abilities, is available on our Promotional Downloads Page.