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Men’s Small Group Guideliens – Simplified


These studies were created from the Breakouts at the Rewired Men’s Conference.

**All of these videos are available for download directly from vimeo by following this link:

SMALL GROUP LEADER INSTRUCTIONS (Click the plus sign to the right to expand.)


  • No pressure. Even if you have never led a small group before, you can do this!
  • There are 4 sessions for each study.
  • 3 of the sessions are video driven with a downloadable guide provided for small group discussion.
  • The 4th session is a wrap up for the Bible study where you will lead men to develop an action plan for the future. This session does not include a video but, instead, is meant for deep discussion and reflection on what they’ve learned and how they will move forward.
  • When you meet with the rest of your group, simply play the provided video, watch it along with everyone else, and keep the discussion and prayer time (Using the downloadable leader guide for each study) that follows headed in the right direction.
  • The Holy Spirit will do the rest.
  • In the days ahead, keep in mind that each small group is as unique as its members. Do not expect yours to look like anyone else’s. Focus on welcoming people wherever they happen to be spiritually and providing them with the opportunity to take the next step in their relationship with God. Only He knows what the next four weeks hold.
  • Be open, maintain your enthusiasm, and expect great things!

–Adapted from “Identity: Discovering Who You Are In Christ” a small group Bible study developed by the BGCO and ReConnect Sunday School.


There are a couple of ways to view these videos with your class.

1. If the group is small enough or your computer is hooked into a larger screen, simply start the video here and click the “Expand” icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. If you are using a program such as Powerpoint, ProPresenter or Keynote, click on the paper airplane icon and click the link (https://vimeo…). It will take you to the vimeo website.  Once the page is loaded, scroll down just a bit and click on “Download.”

Select the size you need and use that file to insert into your program.


Three Indispensable Ingredients in Fruitful Leadership

Lead by Dave Kraft
Pastor, Village Church, Irvine, California
April 2017

Leader Guide – Click to Download & Print

**See “Small Group Leader Instructions” above for the best way to veiw these videos.

Him.Men.Neutics: Leading Men to Interpret the Bible

Lead by Owen Nease
Pastor, Emmaus Baptist Church, Oklahoma City
April 2017

Printable Leader Guide – Click to Download & Print

**See “Small Group Leader Instructions” above for the best way to veiw these videos.

Scripture: Can You Handle It?

Lead by Brett Selby
Pastoral Leadership Specialist, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
April 2017

Printable Leader Guide – Click to View & Download

**See “Small Group Leader Instructions” above for the best way to veiw these videos.


Truth Track: Why We Can Trust the Bible (2016)

We live in a society that more and more is skeptical about the Bible.  Is it really just a fairy tale?  Did some men “create” the Bible to serve their own interests?  Does modern science prove the Bible untrue?  This Truth Track will be a brief introduction to the historical formation and reliability of the Bible and reveal why we can trust it as the authoritative guide for life.

Todd Fisher: Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Truth Track: Turning Trials Into Triumphs (2016)

Guys love to be in control.  When we are in control, we experience a sense of security.  Control translates for guys as assurance of living victoriously and a life of worth.  We must be in control, so failure is not an option.  But what happens when the wheels come off?  What happens when we find ourselves dealing with out of control events of life?  What happens when we are faced with financial difficulties, marital disharmony, family disappointments, or job setbacks and we do not have control?  Is there a purpose in the midst trials?  The answer is yes!

James says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds” (James 1:2). During this study we will learn to look at trials of life from a different perspective.  We will learn the motive behind many trials and how we can experience worth and victory, even when life is out of control.  We have been called to be victors and not victims!  We will discover that our out of control trials are just the thing we need.

Mike Teel: Pastor, Cameron Baptist Church, Lawton, Oklahoma

Truth Track: Get Your Stuff Straight! (2016)

Knowing the numbers to develop and maintain an accurate and powerful Christian worldview.  Big Data can reveal our Big God.  All men have opinions and all men carry bias. (Just ask our wives.)

It has been frequently said that opinions are like armpits – everyone has them and they usually stink.  While the world does  not appear to care if personal beliefs are founded in fact or truth (sometimes very different propositions ,) it is essential that we closely examine the facts of our world, through the illumination light of the Word, and with the counsel of the Spirit, BEFORE we shoot our mouths off.  In this session we will challenge your views on immigration, education, politics, real Christianity, and if it is really bad to eat bacon after dark.

Round-ChrisBrewsterChris Brewster: Superintendent, Santa Fe Charter Schools & Pastor at The Well Church

Truth Track: Becoming the Man God Drafted You to be (2016)

Every day Men face situations that put our faith and commitment to Christ to the test. Many men face situations that challenge their commitment and sometimes it leads to dangerous and destructive lifestyles. This way of living will devastate God’s plan in our lives.

Your choices reflect your plan and reveal the commitment of your hearts.  What we choose today affects our life in the future. Your future will show what your commitment level in your heart is today.  It’s a simple and clear principle we hear all the time: sowing and reaping. What we will reap in the future will surely uncover what we sow today.

As we look at ourselves we need to define who we are;  What is the commitment, and what is the game plan? In this TRUTH Track we will unpack the disciplines to become the man God drafted you to be.

Kenyatta Wright: Motivational Speaker & NFL Alum

Truth Track: Going the Distance (2016)

God made men to be leaders, warriors, and providers.  When those characteristics in a man are under the control of God’s will and the “training and discipline” He directs, that man will be a champion that leads his family, church, and community very effectively.  Like a boxer, he will “go the distance” in life, endure the “blows and bruises”, and be standing as the winner at the end!  The Biblical character, Joseph, overcame many things that were thrown at him.  Through his strong faith in God even when all seemed to be totally against him, he is one of the great men of Scripture that having “gone the distance”, he lived to care for his family abundantly and touch nations through his influence.

Round-NickGarlandNick Garland: Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, OK

Truth Track: Living Your Life with Influential Purpose (2016)

Which of the following influences what you believe and how you feel about yourself most often:  present circumstances, what people think or say about you, your Job or your hobby, or what God thinks of you?

Is your source of personal identity accurate and constant or biased and changing? What you think about yourself and how you see yourself affects your sense of identity and self-esteem. No one is more influential in your life than you are. How you see yourself will affect you emotionally. Through this study we will discover how to have a biblical identity.

Round-BlakeGideonBlake Gideon: Pastor, First Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma

Truth Track: Answering the Call to a Special Forces Lifestyle (2016)

Every man longs for battle, to be in the war, but our culture today is working to take this longing out of the hearts of men. Our culture is warring to cause confusion with our identity. In these breakout sessions Cody will help men identify the New Testament battlefield, encourage men to answer the call of a special forces soldier for Jesus and live fully immersed in that calling, challenge men to share the passion for the lost that Jesus has, more than they share their passion for their favorite sports team or political candidate, inspire men to strip off every weight entangling them, and run with endurance in the calling Jesus has placed on their life.

Cody BobayCody Bobay, Author, Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist

There are currently no discussion questions associated with this Truth Track.

Truth Track: Take a Post, Stand a Watch: Reaching Lost Men through Targeting Prayer (2016)

Our prayers for the lost are often generalized, non-specific, weak prayers:  “God, save Johnny.”  But what if we had more specific “prayer targets” at which we aim?  The Apostle Paul says “My heart’s desire and prayer is that they would be saved” (Romans 10:1).  In this Truth Track we will examine specific “prayer targets” given by Paul in the book of Romans which can renew your prayer life and serve as the foundation for reaching lost men by you and your church’s men’s ministry.

Round-AndyTaylorAndy Taylor: Pastor, Arrow Heights Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

There are currently no pre-written discussion questions for this Truth Track.

Truth Track: Wounded by My Dad, Healed by My Father (2016)

Men all over the country and from every walk of life are physically, emotionally, and spiritually wounded by their dads. These wounds are not only painful to the man, but also to those that he loves the most.

We will look at the healing that The Father to the fatherless has provided through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Mike Keahbone: Pastor, Cherokee Hills Baptist Church

There are currently no pre-written discussion questions for this Truth Track.