Of all of the great sports for men, only one leaves competitors covered with sauce, smelling like smoke, and is the preferred cologne of most men

the great sport of BBQ!  

Barbecue is the staple of gatherings with friends and family on sunny afternoons and has become serious business for amateur cooks who want to prove nobody does it better.

If this describes you, and you think you’re the grill MASTER, then show your stuff off at the

BBQ Showdown at the 2017 Rewired Men’s Conference!

Registration closes on April 15. So get your registration form in today!


Entry fees are as follows:

  • INDIVIDUAL CATEGORY:  is 30 servings of each meat entered.
  • CHURCH CATEGORY:  is 50 servings of each meat entered.

Samples will be given to Rewired attendees after judging has been completed. Rewired will provide all utensils and paper goods for samples.



  • All entries must be cooked at Falls Creek. Setup may be done on Thursday. (See registration form for details)
  • All entries must be delivered to the Mathena Family Event Center dining hall by 11:00am Friday.
  • Please provide 5 servings of each entry for judging.
  • Entries cannot have any identifying marks or competitors identification on them. (Rewired will assign identification at the cafeteria.)
  • Judges will grade entries on taste, appearance & texture.
  • Judges are not allowed to talk to each other during the judging process and must only drink bottled water.
  • The top three winners from every category will be posted outside the Tabernacle Dunham (south) lobby after the judging is complete.
  • Trophies will be presented at the opening of Friday night’s main session.


There are 2 Ways to Compete:

  1. As a Church
  2. As an Individual

The top three winners from each category receive trophies and recognition on stage at Rewired during the Friday night’s Main Session.



Each group will compete with the following 5 kinds of meats and may enter one or more meats. (It is not required to enter all 5 categories to participate.)

  • Chicken
  • Ribs
  • Pork
  • Brisket
  • Chili (made from one of the above listed meats)

All meats must be cooked at Rewired. Setup may be done on Thursday. (See registration form for details)

Due to unforseen circumstances, the BBQ Showdown has been cancelled.