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“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too..”

Acts 17:6 (HCSB)


We are looking for several church men’s groups in Oklahoma to serve as greeters before the main sessions on Friday & Saturday.  If your men’s group is interested, have your leader e-mail

Early Bird Registration

October 1 - December 31
  • ($50 for Youth ages 13-18)

Gate Registration

April 28
  • ($70 for Youth Ages 13-18)


The Rewired Men’s Conference is an annual event that takes place in the Arbuckle Mountains at a conference center known as Falls Creek. The focus is transforming the lives of men through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Rewired reaches men from all backgrounds and interests or what Keith Burkhart, Men’s Ministry Specialist at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, likes to call the different “tribes” of men. These tribes are what set Rewired apart from other men’s conferences around the country. It is one of the only conferences where you will see a biker, cowboy, hipster, gamer and businessman standing together in worship as the greater tribe of Christian men.

The unifying force that brings these men together is threefold: a love for Christ and desire to be men of God who influence their world;  to find the right next step or direction for their relationship with God;  and to find and build godly friendships with other men.



At Rewired there are activities for many of the tribes of men. Some of these activities include: 5K Run/Walk, fitness competition, BBQ Competition, stunt bike demonstration, basketball, skatepark, giant chess, giant checkers, table tennis, intellectual games, grilling demonstration, trout fishing, and hiking/walking trails.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Sign-Up. Click each logo to learn more about these competitions.

Rewired 2017 Conference Leaders

Michael Jr., Keynote

Michael Jr. is  hailed as one of today’s most gifted comedians. He tours the country performing and can also be seen on TV regularly.  Michael Recently appeared in Sony Pictures’ feature film War Room.  On the home front, Michael is happily married. He and his wife are the proud parents of five beautiful children.


Jim Putnam, Keynote

Jim is the founder and senior pastor of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho. In college, Jim won three All American titles in wrestling and went on to become a successful wrestling coach.  His voice reaches hundreds of thousands across the world through speaking conferences, the web, radio, and weekend services. He is the author of two books; Church is a Team Sport (2008) and Real-Life Discipleship (2010) and co-authored; DiscipleShift (2013). Jim’s passion is discipleship through small groups. With his background in sports and coaching, he believes in the value of strong coaching as a means to disciple others. 

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Cliff Graham, Keynote

Cliff Graham is a bestselling novelist and speaker who focuses on creating exciting Bible-based content and encouraging men to live a Christ-centered life worthy of the Mighty Men, the soldiers who fought with King David described in 2 Samuel 23. Having been involved in pastoral ministry most of his life, he also spent thirteen years in the United States Army as a military police soldier and officer before finishing his career as a chaplain. 


Kenyatta Wright Photo

Kenyatta Wright, Keynote

Kenyatta was born and raised in Vian, Oklahoma and is a graduate of and former linebacker at Oklahoma State University.  He went on to play in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills & New York Jets.  Ultimately, Kenyatta walked away from the game of football to settle down with family, coaching and eventually the call to full-time ministry.  Kenyatta is now the owner and founder of TRUTH Supply Co. and serves as the Lake Country FCA Area Director. He travels sharing the incredible message of grace and reconciliation of those whom Jesus calls to repent and believe. Kenyatta is deeply humbled & committed to faithful biblical application and teaching.  He now lives with his wife, Amber, and their four children in Fort Gibson, OK. 

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Matt Roberson, Worship

After being on staff as lead worship pastor at The Met Church in Houston, Texas for 2 years, Matt transitioned to Lead Pastor in 2016. He has the heart of a shepherd, with a discerning spirit, and a true love for people. His energy and passion are contagious, and his gifting is undeniable. His worship and speaking style quickly engages the hearts of those participating and his warmth from the stage endears people to him, and enables him to speak truth in ways that makes Christ’s message accessible to the listener.  Matt and his wife Jennifer have been married for more than 15 years, and have two daughters, Chloe and Claire.  He loves sports, loves working out, and loves to hunt.


Abraham Wright MC

Abraham Wright, MC

Abraham Wright was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Oklahoma City by a single mother. Abraham has one older brother and one younger sister. Abraham graduated from Southeast high school in 2002 and received a scholarship to play football at Northeastern Oklahoma A & M junior college. After graduating from Northeastern Oklahoma A & M he received a scholarship to play for the University of Colorado in Boulder. Abraham finished his senior year at Colorado University 1st team all big 12, 2nd in the nation in sacks, and was selected in the 2007 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins. Abraham played his rookie season with the Dolphins and was released the following year. Abraham recently moved from Oklahoma City where he worked for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) over the Moore and OKC public schools and served as Team Chaplain for the University of Oklahoma’s football team. He currently serves as Associate Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma.  Abraham is married to Marjorie and they have two daughters.



In 2016 we introduced Truth Tracks. Like breakouts, there are a variety of topics for every tribe of men.  Unlike a regular breakout, guys will select only one topic and stay with it for 4 sessions as the Truth Track leader guides them through it.

In 2017 we will offer 25 Truth Tracks. Pick one. Follow it through the entire conference.  Don’t worry, if you’re having trouble picking, we will offer all of the Truth Tracks as downloadable Bible Studies after the Conference.

To the right are the Truth Track leaders for 2017.  This is not all of the leaders for 2017.  Listed are their names and where they are ministering.  As we get closer to the conference, we will add bios, Truth Track titles and descriptions. For now, you can explore who they are and what they do through the links to their social media, websites and possibly videos.

Jeff Benrud

Jeff Benrud

Retired Sergeant Major
25 Year Special Ops Veteran

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Submit & Follow 

In life, we will face many challenges.  Some may seem unbearable and never ending.  But, God calls men to totally submit and follow Him regardless.  His unchanging and flawless Word is the guide map we use.  Success is not possible without it.  During this Truth Track, Jeff will use his life’s testimony as a young man, through his military experience in the Army’s most elite Special Ops unit and to even now. He’ll share how God guided and delivered him and how He can deliver you if you only submit and follow.

Read Jeff's Bio

Jeff Benrud Sergeant Major (retired) is a 25 years Special Operations veteran. Jeff has extensive operational, training and leadership experience. He has conducted over 725 combat operations starting in 1989 with a combat jump into Panama with the 75th Ranger Regiment, and multiple other regions ranging from the Balkins, Central America, and the middle east. Jeff has been awarded 8 Bronze stars, 3 of which for valor along with numerous other awards and was also presented the purple heart. Jeff has completed the past 3 Baja 1000 races on a motorcycle, placing 4th in 2013 and 2014, first finisher in the Ironman class in 2015 (2nd overall due to penalties) And will attempt another Ironman finish for 2016. Jeff is currently the owner of Benrud Properties rental management company; co-founder and owner of American Offroad driving school and owner of Raeford Powder Coating LLC, all headquartered in North Carolina where he resides with his wife of 25 years and 2 children.

Cody BobayCody Bobay

Fitness Specialist & Founder
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Living Every Day as a Special Forces Soldier For Jesus

During this time we are going to deep dive into your identity as a warrior of Christ, challenge you to immerse yourself into the mission God has given you without looking back, and then making sure you are positioned to endure to the finish line. If you are willing to man up and fight for the purity in your heart and the purity for the future generations of men in your life, this is for you. You will leave with focus, passion and a knowledge of your specific mission the Lord has given you.

Read Cody's Bio

Cody Bobay is the founder of SOULCON Ministries and the author of SOULCON Challenge. He has a passion to see the men in the Church stand united against the work of the Enemy with passion and perseverance, daily. Cody was previously The Wellness Manager for The Wonderful Company out of Los Angeles. Cody holds these certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine: • Certified Personal Trainer • Weight Loss Specialist • Behavior Change Specialist • Performance Enhancement Specialist • Corrective Exercise Specialist • Fitness Nutrition Specialization As well as these certifications from the Cooper Institute: • Health Promotion Director • Master Fitness Specialist Finally, Cody is a proud Veteran of the US Navy and remains a patriot for this great nation.

Brad Clay

Brad Clay

Television Host
Final Descent Outdoors
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Automatic Manhood

The term Automatic Manhood is a false term. Manhood does not come with age or status. We live in a generation where the voice of reason about what makes you a man is not rooted in God’s Word. Culture is screaming at the top of its lungs to let society shape our definition of a man. I do not have all the answers. I do know that throughout the Bible it tells us answers offered by culture are rarely true. We will discuss how to decipher between what the world says makes you a man verses what God says makes you a man and how to live in this world and not be engulfed in the ways of the world. This is not an easy, feel-good topic. For many, cultural ways have been embedded into their very core. I’m praying for the Lord to divide bone and marrow as He removes the idealisms of the world and replaces them with His truth. It most likely will be uncomfortable, painful, and, at times, frustrating. We will be asked to make changes, and to remove long held habits and attitudes.  All this for the sake of being everything God calls us to be. I will let you in on a secret: There is no such thing as automatic manhood! If you are ready to seek out what it takes to be a man of God, join us!

Read Brad's Bio

Brad grew up in the tiny town of Reydon in western Oklahoma where hunting and fishing was a way of life. However, Brad didn’t give his life to Christ until he was a sophomore in High School. The Lord called brad into youth ministry and, for 12 years, Brad served in Oklahoma as a youth pastor. Brad used his love for the outdoors to minister to students as well as others. Brad founded Final Descent Outdoors as an outreach in his church. It grew from that into a national TV show that is in 43 million homes in North America. Brad and his wife, April and four children took a step of faith to follow the Lord and pursue Final Descent Outdoors, an outdoor ministry, full time. Brad speaks at nearly 40 men’s events across the country every year. He also has authored Bible studies and other materials for outdoorsmen.

Steven Earp Image
Steven Earp

Pastor, Elevate Church
Oklahoma City
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Storms of Life: Learning to Trust God Again

Everyone experiences life storms. Divorce, bankruptcy, illness or the loss of loved ones are all examples. During these hard times, it is common to ask the question, “Why?” Why does God allow suffering in this world He created? Some people walk through life storms with their faith intact and become stronger than ever.  Others walk away from God and faith during similar difficulties. What is the difference?

Is it possible to weather life storms and develop inner grit, spiritual richness and emotional depth? Can we as men, walk through hard times in a way that our families and others around are strengthened and encouraged to face their own storms? Can we honor God, even in the darkest times?

This Truth Track will guide you to develop tools to help you weather life’s storms and even more to learn how you can lead and serve others as they walk through their own storms.

Read Steven's Bio

Steven has been in church leadership more than two decades, with many years spent balancing between managing businesses and overseeing a growing ministry. As a church-planting coach and strategist, he has helped launch 20 churches, and continues to work one-on-one with church planters on a daily basis, as well as organizing and facilitating training events for pastors and leaders. Steven is the Executive Producer of Where Was God: Stories of Hope After the Storm, a critically-acclaimed faith-based film. After a limited run theatrical release, the DVD is now available in retail outlets nationwide, as well as on Netflix. His first book, The Storms of Life: Learning To Trust God Again, was released in October 2015. Steven and his wife Chrysty began their life together as high school sweethearts more than a quarter century ago. Today they have five kids, affectionately called Earplings.

Tom Elliff Retired IMB President
Tom Elliff

 Retired President
International Mission Board, SBC
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LET US RUN: Seven Crucial Decisions to Make NOW in order to Finish Well THEN

No man just wakes up and falls out of bed and then finishes well. Every man’s life, in fact, is the result of earlier decisions made at critical moments throughout his life. God’s word gives clear instructions regarding those crucial decisions, what they are, and how to make them. This Truth Track reveals the urgent importance of making seven crucial decisions NOW which will insure that you finish well THEN. This is a course for every man, regardless of his age or stage in life, enabling him to establish biblical priorities that will guide his thinking and his behavior for the balance of his life. You will discover that, while you can do nothing about your past, there is still time to honor the Lord with what is left of your life.

Read Tom's Bio

After pastoring for forty-two years, Tom Elliff served the International Mission Board, first as Senior Vice President for Spiritual Nurture and Church Relations from 2005-2009, then as President from 2011-2014. Tom served pastorates in Arkansas, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma and as an IMB missionary in Zimbabwe. Tom also served as president of the SBC Pastor’s Conference and two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Chuck Farneth Image
Chuck Farneth

Director, Outdoor Legacy

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Conquering Your Giants

ESPN Great Outdoor Games Fly Fishing Gold medalist, Chuck Farneth, will present a simple, authentic, challenging, inspiring, yet real look at how the giants in our lives hinder or develop the potential that God has for all of us. Chuck would like to use God’s Word and his fly rod to help every man “fight his battle” by demonstrating their faith, taking a risk, and trusting God for the results. What’s your giant? God has a stone for every Goliath.   RUN TO THE BATTLE!

Read Chuck's Bio

Chuck Farneth is the director of Outdoor Legacy. Outdoor Legacy is a Christian ministry that aims to equip men with a clear understanding of manhood, resulting in a renewed vigor to invest themselves in their children’s and other young people’s lives. Outdoor Legacy provides a variety of brief, intensive experiences that provide instruction in the art of fly fishing, authentic manhood, and building deep and lasting relationships. The following is how Chuck describes Outdoor Legacy’s mission: “With God’s word as our map to the eternal treasures hidden within the great outdoors, we are committed to investing the Christian principles of authentic manhood into the lives of men, shaping future generations through the love of Jesus Christ”. Chuck, by any definition, is a fisher of men. He also happens to be a world class fly fisherman. Among his many accomplishments, Chuck rose to the pinnacle of his sport by winning the gold medal in the 2001 ESPN Great Outdoor Games. He currently represents the United States in international competition as a member of the Masters Fly Fishing Team USA. Chuck’s love of God, the outdoors, and his God-given skill of fly fishing are what led him to step out in faith and launch Outdoor Legacy. The following is an excerpt from Chuck’s testimony: I gave my life over to full-time Christian work in 1992, saving and enriching marriages and helping moms and dads become better parents through FamilyLife, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU). In July 2001 God called my wife (Sherry), and I to step up to the task of reaching out to men and families through a vehicle that almost every person can relate to; the outdoors. I believe that the desire to enter into wild places is a part of the spirit of adventure that God instills in every man. For some, outdoor sports are an escape from the work-a-day world. Focusing completely on the task of hunting or fishing brings relaxation and temporarily eliminates the continuous stress that is so much a part of most lives. Others are drawn to the great satisfaction and reward that comes from pitting themselves against nature. Still others enjoy the fellowship that comes along with spending time with a group pursuing activities they love. For the Christian, the great outdoors is more than a place for escape and relaxation. It is God’s tabernacle, and time spent in it becomes a kind of Sabbath, that is a time set aside for both rest and worship. It is a time when we lay down our worries, obligations, and ambitions and gratefully enter into God’s presence. For over 50 years fly-fishing has been my Sabbath, it provides therapy and recreation that takes me away from the harsh reality of a fallen world and brings me closer to God and his creation. This is the aspect of outdoor sports that I most wish to share with others. My many years of fishing for trout and other species with a fly rod has given me some measure of skill in the art of fly-fishing. God’s grace has enabled me to use my skills for his glory. My most recent accomplishments were participating in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY in the Fly-Fishing competition where I received a bronze medal in 2000 and 2002, and a gold medal in 2001. I also won the Northeast Regional Fly Fishing Masters in 2004. I have been privileged to be selected for Team USA Masters and competed in the World Championship, garnering 4th. In my mind, these accomplishments are nothing more than God’s affirmation of my dream of combining my love of outdoor sports, particularly fly-fishing, with my passion for bringing the healing love of Christ to a broken world.

Todd Fisher

Todd Fisher

Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church

Shawnee, Oklahoma


How to Study and Apply a Biblical Text

This Truth Track will equip you to use good tools, ask good questions, and employ a good method to accurately interpret a biblical text and apply it for life today.

Read Todd's Bio

Todd Fisher has been the Sr. Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Baptist Church in Shawnee since 2003. He grew up in Ft. Worth, TX and made his way to OK to attend OBU where he met his wife Jamy of 21 years. They have three children and love to serve the church together as a family. Todd enjoys preaching and teaching and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and OBU.


Jeremy Freeman

Pastor, First Baptist Church
Newcastle, Oklahoma



If men are to lead, they need to be deeply anchored to the right things from the right heart. True leaders lead from the inside out, and men will never live Gospel-centered lives if they do not have Christ-centered hearts. In this Truth Track, we will talk about being anchored in Christ, by God’s Truth, and for eternal purposes.  There will be such personal challenge and many practical applications as we dig into God’s Word and get real and honest about what it truly means to be a man who is anchored.

Read Jeremy's Bio

Jeremy Freeman was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, but has called Oklahoma home since his college days at Oklahoma Baptist University. Jeremy was saved at 16 years of age and called to ministry at 17. He received his high school diploma from Castle Hills First Baptist Christian School in 1995; received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1999, and received a Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY in 2008. He is married to Emily ‘McMains’ from Seminole, OK (also a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, 2000), and they have seven children: Brittany (16), Caleb (15) Clayton (13) Aubrey (7), Trey who went to be with Jesus when he was 7, Luke (2), and Addi Joy (1). Jeremy has been a youth evangelist, youth minister, associate pastor and involved in many different types of mission trips and projects. He has served in Southern Baptist churches in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Jeremy began his ministry as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Newcastle, OK on July 1, 2009. Some of Jeremy’s hobbies include spending time with his wife and children, traveling, reading, and playing and watching sports (especially the San Antonio Spurs and the OU Sooners). His main passion in ministry is to thoroughly study and preach the complete and perfect Word of God. His favorite Scripture verse is 2 Corinthians 4:18, which says, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal.”

Shane Hall

Shane Hall

Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church
Oklahoma City


Purpose in the Trials

The desire of this Truth Track is helping men understand what God is doing in them and through them in the midst of the trials in life. It will focus on their security in Christ and the future promises of Christ being the basis for understanding His refining work in them and of their faith using the trials of life to accomplish the refining. The Track will be based on 1 Peter 1:3-9.

Read Shane's Bio

Shane Hall was born in Indiana in 1971 and grew up in a pastor’s home in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. After graduating from Burns Flat High School, he went on to complete an undergraduate degree at Oklahoma Baptist University and a Master of Divinity degree at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Shane has over twenty years of pastoral experience serving churches in Oklahoma and Louisiana. He is currently Pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he has served since December of 2013. Shane and his wife, Misty, married in 2001. Misty grew up in Healdton, Oklahoma, and is a graduate of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma with a degree in Deaf Education. They have two daughters, Maci and Mallory.


Kevin Harris

Executive Director
Radical Mentoring
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Mentor Like Jesus: His Radical Approach to building the Church

Radical Mentoring is simply doing what Jesus did. For just a minute let us think about Jesus from a totally human perspective.  Jesus is one of the most admired figures in all of human history. A majority of Americans admire Jesus, whether they believe that He was God’s Son or not. Almost no one will say something bad about Jesus. Most think well of Him.

Why? Jesus did not bring a revolutionary teaching to the world. He was Jewish. He stood by and amplified Jewish law. He did not create some new higher consciousness or begin a sociopolitical movement. He lived a somewhat normal life as a child and then became a significant historical and religious figure in the last three years of His life.

For years, people have hypothesized what Jesus would be like in everyday roles – CEO, Teacher, Leader, Husband, and Friend. One role that Jesus plays that is inarguable is Mentor. Jesus mentored twelve guys for three years. It’s well documented . . . by four different authors, two of which were eyewitnesses and products of His mentoring process. If there’s anything we should be able to learn from Jesus and replicate in our own lives it is mentoring.

In these sessions, we will unpack the 11 key ingredients to mentor like Jesus and discuss how to introduce small group mentoring into your local church.

Read Kevin's Bio

Kevin Harris is a product of the investment made in him by a mentor who was willing to used by God to pour out what had been given to him. As a part of Regi Campbell’s 2nd Radical Mentoring group, Kevin experienced a radical change as husband, father and Jesus-follower leading him to craft the purpose statement that has guided him since . . . I exist to glorify God by helping others unlock and apply their God-given talents and strengths. In July 2015, Kevin officially joined the Radical Mentoring team. As Executive Director, he is excited about connecting his purpose with Radical Mentoring purpose as we seek to engage as many men as possible through small group mentoring. Kevin grew up in Durham, NC and attended Furman University before moving to Atlanta.Prior to joining Radical Mentoring, he led a sales team at Wells Real Estate Funds and served in sales positions at CNL and Atlas Energy. He and his wife Susan have two boys, Thomas and Bo, and a 115 lb Newfoundland puppy, Bella. Kevin enjoys coaching his sons, cooking a good meal, reading a good book and watching a good game (Braves, Blue Devils or Bulldogs). You may also find him enjoying a round of golf.

Bill Hulse

Bill Hulse

Pastor, Putnam City Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


3 Dimensional Leadership

This Truth Track focuses on the 3 Dimensions of Spiritual Leadership as modeled by David in Psalm 78:72. The group will go through a leadership style assessment that helps diagnose a proactive plan to be a healthy leader that others want to follow. We will cover the 3 Leadership Skills that every leader must be competent in to lead well…..Relationships….Vision Leading…..and Strategic Implementation.

Read Bill's Bio

I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma where in 1981 I trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior through the influence of Emmanuel Baptist Church and my high school sweetheart, Cami , who is now my wife, the mother of our four children, and my best friend. I have the privilege of being the pastor at Putnam City Baptist Church in Oklahoma City where I began my ministry in 1986 as their Student Minister. I have served SBC churches in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Georgia. I served as a Regional Director for Next Level Leadership with the North American Mission Board for the 15 years providing leadership development and training for the Southern Baptist Convention and have a leadership consulting company, ProActive Leadership which equips God’s leaders with leadership tools like team building, conflict management, life coaching, leadership style assessments and proactive leadership development. I didn’t grow up being actively involved in a church and didn’t experience God’s grace until the end of my high school years. Consequently, I have a huge passion to reach out to those who are separated from God’s love and see them discipled in their faith. It is my desire to glorify God as I become a servant leader to His Church and seek to live the greatest commandments by loving God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, with all my mind, and loving my neighbor as myself.

Smokey Hurst Image

Smokey Hurst

Pastor, First Baptist Church


Show Yourselves Men

There is a battle waged against every single man of God every single day of their lives. A man of God must be watching and remain alert for the battle that is coming, with his footing rooted deep in the faith. To fight this battle, every man of God must be strengthened by the strength provided through Christ. This fight is only victorious when it is fought with the love of God who is the source and spring of love.

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in Love.” I Corinthians 16:13-14

Read Smokey's Bio

Smokey met his wife, Meagan, when attending Beggs High School. He was the captain of the football team and Meagan was the captain of the cheerleading squad. Yes, they are your storybook small town America romance story. Smokey and Meagan both attended Oklahoma University (OU). Smokey had the privilege of playing in two national championship games, three Big XII championship games, and a total of five bowl games while at OU. But, his greatest contribution was the spiritual leadership he gave to the team. Coach Stoops asked if he would remain on the team another year because of the influence he had with the players. He graduated in the fall of 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design and had minors in History, Geography, and Business. Smokey and Meagan were married in the spring of 2003. After graduation, Smokey began his own landscaping company. Starting with one employee, his business grew to 25 employees in four years. At the height of his business, God called Smokey to walk away from it all and go into full-time ministry, so he sold everything he could and moved his family to Fort Worth for seminary in the fall of 2008. Smokey received his MDiv degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth in 2011. Smokey and Meagan have four beautiful children; Darrick Jr., Andee Violet, Michael, and Samuel.

 Dave Kraft

Dave Kraft

Discipleship & Coaching Pastor, Village Church
Irvine, California

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Three Indispensable Ingredients in Fruitful Leadership

We will in three sessions talk about a Credible Life, a compelling vision and a cohesive team.  Essentially, this Truth Track will cover: Who the leader is, where the leader is going, and what the leader is doing to help him achieve his God-given vision.

Read Dave's Bio

Dave was born in Los Angeles and spent his growing up years in Palm Springs, California. His family is Jewish so it was a surprise to many people at the Palm Springs Community Church when Dave showed up after a co-worker had shared the gospel with him. After three months of reading, thinking and asking a ton of questions, he was wonderfully saved and transformed at an evangelistic youth night. He is forever grateful to the Lord Jesus for saving him and for the many wonderful people that prayed for him, sharing solid doctrine as well as books to guide him in his spiritual growth. Dave hasn’t slowed down in his fifty-six years as a Christ-follower…he has no intention of doing so! Two years after becoming a Christian Dave was introduced to The Navigators and soon became involved in training with them; eventually becoming Navigator staff. Dave and Susan were married the same year (1968) that he left the market place and begin working with the Navigators. He remained on Navigator staff for 37 years; living and serving in both Northern and Southern California, Colorado, Washington State and eight years in Sweden as a missionary to university students as well as working with local churches. Dave honed his communication and leadership skills by being an active member of Toastmasters International for 18 years and achieved the highest level possible; that of Distinguished Toastmaster. In 2005 Dave retired from the Navigators and began professionally coaching. He now has his own website and coaching business. You can find everything at He has had the joy of coaching several hundred pastors all around the world over the phone. After leaving The Navigators Dave also served as a Pastor for eight years with Mars Hill Church based in Seattle. He loves what he does and believes he’s experiencing what Bobby Clinton (“The Making of a Leader”) calls “convergence.” Dave is passionate about being the very best leader and leader developer he can be as he is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Dave wrote “Leaders Who Last” in 2010, “Mistakes Leaders Make” in 2012 and “Learning Leadership From Nehemiah” in 2015. He has had the joy of conducting seminars all over the world based on these books. He is the Discipleship and Coaching Pastor at Village Church Irvine in Southern California. Dave and Susan have been married for 48 years and are the parents of four adult children and the grandparents of seven grandchildren. Dave is an avid reader, loves music and movies and likes to take on the younger dudes in racquetball.


Rusty McMullen

Pastor, First Baptist Church
Sayre, Oklahoma


Man Up University

Developing a practical theology of discipleship and expressing why it is important for the local church to be participating. A step by step how to of creating a discipleship ministry for men in the local church.

Mike Napier BGCO SpecialistMike Napier

Evangelism Specialist
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Facebook Page Twitter Page

Gospel Methods

Men must walk in truth. Part of this is sharing the Truth of Jesus everywhere we go and in everything we do. Experience multiple methods of sharing Jesus and pick the one that matches your personality.  You will leave understanding why sharing the Gospel is every Christians role; with tools to share the Gospel; and the experience of practicing each method.

Read Mike's Bio

Mike Napier was born and raised in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Mike’s goal in life was to become a Police Officer in his hometown. It was during his pursuit of this dream that he had a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ. Mike continued to serve in law enforcement for 15 years in three different communities, some of this time he was simultaneously serving as a pastor in churches. Mike has been married to the love of his life, Cindy (Spurlock) Napier, since April, 1986. They have been blessed with four children: Chrissy, married to Andrew DeClue living in Little Rock, AR; Micah, married to Ryan Phelps and living in Houston, TX; Mich, attends Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, TX and is married to Tabatha Karp; and Sterling, attends the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) and married to Alex Winebark. These children have blessed Mike and Cindy with two grandchildren, Elijah (2015) in Plainview, and RJ (2016) Houston. Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK; a Masters in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX; and a Doctorate of Ministry thru Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, San Francisco, CA. Mike has served as Pastor at FBC Pond Creek, FBC Broken Bow, FBC Noble, and as Minister of Education and Outreach at FBC Owasso. The Napier family followed God’s call to serve New Mexico in 2009 as the State Director of Evangelism and Discipleship for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. In 2014 God led them back to Oklahoma to serve as the Personal Evangelism Specialist/State Director of Evangelism for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Owen Nease Owen Nease

Pastor, Emmaus Baptist Church
Oklahoma City

Him.Men.Neutics: Leading Men to Interpret the Bible

Men are often overwhelmed and intimidated by the study of God’s Word (hermeneutics). Can you study the Bible without an advanced, academic degree? Absolutely! This Truth Track will lead men to develop a plan for how to interpret the Bible. We will consider the spiritual and strategic preparation required for Bible study. In addition, we will cover how to understand the Bible’s various parts, how to do a Word Study, and how to determine the meaning and impact of Scripture.

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Dr. Owen Nease is husband to Amanda, dad to 3 amazing kids, and pastor of Emmaus Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Owen grew up in southwest Oklahoma, graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2004, then completed a Master of Divinity and Master of Theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2013 he earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in New Testament/Greek from NOBTS. Owen has pastored in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. His academic work includes articles in Lexham Bible Dictionary, Trinity Journal, and the Journal of the Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry.

Dr Stacy Rinehart

Stacy Rinehart

Founder & Chairman
MentorLink International

THE LEADER’S COVENANT. Encounter Jesus through this simple, yet profound covenant used around the world.

The Leader’s Covenant can revolutionize your leadership and bring clarity in leading more like Jesus. First developed for the global Lausanne Movement’s Cape Town 2010 Congress, it is now being used to point pastors and ministry leaders toward genuine Christlike ministry and leadership in the Kingdom. It is being used by denominations, mission boards, churches, pastors, missionaries, lay leaders and disciplers. If you are serious about multiplying disciples and leaders this is for you.

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Dr. Stacy Rinehart has spent his life building Great Commission leaders for the Kingdom. He spent 24 years on staff with the Navigators, including time in the early ’80’s as the Nav Campus Director at Oklahoma State and then Community Director in Tulsa. For the last 17 years, Stacy served as founder of MentorLink International with the purpose of multiplying Chistlike leaders around the world. Last year the MentorLink movement conducted training in over 35 nations with over 7000 pastors and ministry leaders. In addition, Stacy and MentorLink pioneered repurposing the JESUS Film for discipling and leadership development – this is called Days with Jesus. Last year Days with Jesus, currently available in 26 languages, resulting in over 10 million discipleship encounters.

Todd Sanders
Todd Sanders

Student Ministry & Education Specialist
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Move! Living for Impact with Christ

In order to advance truth in our lives, we, as followers of Jesus, must embrace the move of God in and through our lives. This Truth Track will explore what this looks like to respond to the move of God in your life, move to God through your relationship with Christ, and move with God for impact in your life and world.

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Todd Sanders, Student Education Specialist and Falls Creek Program Associate for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, has faithfully served students and their families through the local church for 25 years. Todd strives to encourage believers and equip the Church through training, resourcing, teaching, and preaching the Word of God. He and his wife Angela have two children, Hunter and Hope. They are members at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, and make their home in Edmond, Oklahoma. Todd finished his undergraduate work at Oklahoma State University and earned a Master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Brett Selby

Brett Selby

Pastoral Leadership Specialist

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma


Scripture: Can You Handle It? Becoming a Competent Expositor of God’s Word

What is going to last? When it’s all said and done, what still remains? When the smoke clears from the final apocalypse, what will still be standing? The answer to this question is crucial because whatever this might be is what we should build our lives on and around. Only two things will last forever, people and the word of God. There are other breakouts at Rewired that will equip you to make an impact on people, to mentor them, to coach them, and to lead them. This breakout will equip you to give people what they truly need, the word of God.

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Brett Selby is the Pastoral Leadership Specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Previously, he served as a Church Consultant in the Church Resources Division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. He also was an Editor in the Adult Sunday School Ministry Department. Selby, a native of Oklahoma, is a graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri, where he earned a Doctor of Ministry. He also holds a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma. In addition to his denominational service, Selby served sixteen years as a pastor in Oklahoma, his last pastorate being Surrey Hills Baptist Church, Yukon, Oklahoma. He and his wife Brenda have two sons, Riley and Parker.

Rick Thompson Image

Rick Thompson

Pastor, Council Road Baptist Church
Bethany, Oklahoma


Radical Growth: Five Essentials for Spiritual Vitality

Spiritual growth is not a mechanical process, rather it is organic and dynamic in nature. Jesus regularly used agricultural language to describe this process. He described the Kingdom of God as being like a seed; depth in the word as being like roots in soil; life in Spirit as being like a vine; and the manifestation of the Spirit’s work in our lives as being like fruit. If we understand this process on a practical level it can be truly beneficial to the way we understand spiritual maturity and provide a metric for basing our understanding how discipleship works. In this track I will lead guys through this biblical process in a clear understandable way. Once we grasp the five essentials, it will free us up to live for Him in a way that is encouraging and dynamic!

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Rick Thompson is husband to Teri, father to Taylor and Tallie and senior pastor at Council Road Baptist Church in Bethany Oklahoma where has served since 2003. He has earned a BBA from Baylor University, a MDIV from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a DMIN from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

 Josh Wagner

Josh Wagner

Pastor, Berry Road Baptist Church
Norman, Oklahoma


A Godly Man’s Worldview

Romans 12:1-2 tells us not to be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds, that we may present ourselves to God as a living sacrifice and understand His perfect will. This means that every man needs to be consciously shaping his worldview around God’s truth. Since we live in a postmodern, secular culture, this task is doubly important. This Truth Track is designed to help men evaluate and shape their worldview in their heart, their home, and their workplace. As we renew our minds with God’s truth, we will know His perfect will, and be faithful to give ourselves as living sacrifices for His glory and kingdom.

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Josh Wagner was converted to Christ during Infantry School at age 19 while serving in the US Army. From that time, he began to read Christian books and be trained by godly mentors. Later in college, the Lord called him to pastoral ministry, and he received a Master of Arts in Biblical Languages from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2005. Since then, he has pastored two churches in Oklahoma, and has served at Berry Road Baptist Church in Norman for almost a decade. Josh is married to Miranda and has three daughters, Abby (15), Danielle (13), and Brianna (11). His passion in ministry is teaching the deep truths of God through preaching, teaching, and disciple-making. He is also an avid gunman who enjoys reloading, competitive pistol shooting, and long range rifle marksmanship.

Jerry Wells

Jerry Wells

Pastor, Western Hills Church
Oklahoma City


Trusting God Through The Changing Seasons Of Your Life

In the early years of our marriage and ministry, my late wife Debbie began to say to this to other people when they were going through a difficult time,   “Just remember, this is only for a season.”

We all experience changing seasons in our life.  With each new season there are new and unexpected challenges to trusting God.  In each new season our faith in God needs to grow and change with new insights into who God is and how He wants us to trust Him.  In this Truth Tract we will explore God’s Word and see what God says to us during these different seasons.  From bible stories and stories of my changing seasons, I will be sharing how I have experienced God and how you can experience Him in your life by trusting Him through the changing seasons of your life.

In this Truth Track we will specifically cover these seasons of our life.

  1. Trusting God during lean times
  2. Trusting God in times of loss
  3. Trusting God in times of prosperity

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Jerry Wells currently serves at the Pastor of Western Hills Church, OKC. He has been the Pastor of Western Hills since 1984. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Kimray Corporation in OKC and NOVO Ministries in OKC. He is a graduate of Del City High School, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jerry married Saundra Cobbs in 2008. Jerry and Saundra are a blended family and they have 12 children from their previous marriages. Jerry’s late wife Debbie is the mother of their 8 children. Saundra’s late husband John Cobbs is the father of their 4 children. Jerry understands the changing seasons of life. Beginning with the terminal illness and death of His mother when he was 3 years old and then being raised by a father that struggled with addiction, Jerry started experiencing the changing seasons of life. Throughout the 62 years of his life and his life as a Pastor, Jerry has learned how to help people trust God and find peace in God through the lean times, through times of loss, and during times of prosperity. Though God’s Word and his personal encounters with God he leads people to believe God’s promise, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Kenyatta Wright

Kenyatta Wright

Motivational Speaker
and NFL Alum



What would it be like to to compete every day for something greater than yourself? What would it be like to pursue greatness every day? What would it be like to compete every day for Jesus Christ?

Every day in the NFL I faced situations that put my faith and commitment to the test. I was constantly reminded of to think: “when the coach stops blowing the whistle where did I find my motivation?”. Men all over the world face situations that challenge their commitment and faith daily and we all long for that Sunday morning. I lived in a lifestyle that was focused solely on the “Big Game” and for many that leads to confusing your purpose, dangerous lifestyles and seasonal battles of faith. This Truth Track will help us men dive into the master playbook, the inerrant, infallible and living word of God. Men, imagine if we could challenge every man (teammate) to become a fearless leader in their own lives, marriages, families, churches, and communities. During this Truth Track we will lace up our cleats, stand firm, and unpack what it looks like to compete every day for the Kingdom.

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Kenyatta Wright is deeply humbled & committed to faithful biblical application and teaching. That is something that becomes obvious from anyone who is around him. He is a dynamic communicator obviously gifted by God to be able to minister to a wide range of people. Kenyatta is owner/founder of TRUTH Supply Co. “My Goal is to Advance the conversation about Jesus through fashion, speech, technology , love and to reach, rescue and revive Men,Women and Children to love God and others”. He also serves as the Lake Country FCA Area Director and is a member Timothy Baptist Church in Muskogee , Oklahoma and travels sharing the incredible message of grace and reconciliation of those whom Jesus calls to repent and believe. He was born and raised in Vian, Ok in a home that feared God. At the age of 13, he walked down an aisle at Falls Creek, as he wanted to avoid eternal separation from God. But really did didn’t follow Jesus,just became a fan. After a successful high school football and baseball career, he graduated from high school at Vian and accepted a football scholarship to Oklahoma State University. It was at OSU that he came into a true knowledge of who Jesus was and a personal relationship with Christ is what he was missing. While serving at a FCA Football Camp at the rival Oklahoma University Kenyatta began the wonderfully arduous journey of following Him a short time later. He was an fierce competitor and standout linebacker at Oklahoma State University where he was a starter for 4 season and team captain. Kenyatta has been labeled one of the Top 10 players of all time at Linebacker and has a position on the Oklahoma State Wall of Fame. Kenyatta amassed over 265 tkls and 11 sacks while being the vaunted leader and signal caller of the Orange Crush Defense that produced some of the greatest defensive players in OSU history. After college Wright signed with Wade Phillips & Buffalo Bills and then the New York Jets . Some of the highlights of his Pro career was being named Team Captain alongside his teammates that featured Hall of Famers and some of the greatest players in NFL history like Curtis Martin,Marvin Jones(Jets) Doug Flutie,Sam Cowart,Ted Washington (Bills). “ The Pro Bowl selections, the tackle records or even the experience of playing in NFL football games, will never measure up to the relationships that God used to mold me into the man I am today, and for that I am thankful” He ultimately walked away from the game of football to pursue family settlement, coaching and eventually the call to full time ministry . He and his wife Amber and 4 children (Alexis, Elijah, Solomon, Avery) live in Fort Gibson , OK.


Below is the full schedule for Rewired 2017.


9:00a       Registration Opens
10:00a     Activities
11:30a     Lunch
2:30p       Man Talks & Main Session
4:30p       Dinner
6:00p       Truth Track Session 1
7:30p       Main Session
10:00p     Late Night Activities


6:00a       Registration Opens
6:00a       5K Run/Walk & Fitness Throwdown
6:30a       Breakfast  |   Activities Open
8:00a       Truth Track Session 2
9:00a       Truth Track Session 3
10:00a     Main Session
12:30p     Dismiss

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