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April 25-26th, 2014
April 24-25th, 2015


Falls Creek Conference Center (map)
6714 Highway 77D, Davis, OK 73030


The schedule for Rewired 2014 can
be viewed here.

Latest Updates

  • Test your shotgun shooting skills at the Rewired skeet range this year. This is just one of over 15 different activities going on during... 3 days ago
  • The hills at Falls Creek are no joke. You better start stretching now to get ready for the second annual Rewired Run. 4 days ago
  • You’ve never heard anything like this! Do NOT miss Propaganda at this years Rewired Conference: 6 days ago
  • Need more information on the new drug of choice. Porn. Find it at Jerry Wright’s breakout this year at Rewired. 6 days ago
  • The man behind 7 Days in Utopia will be with us this year at Rewired. Find out more about Mr. Cook here: 1 week ago